Lithium Battery Pack


OUR batteries come with a 5 year warranty and offer many advantages:

- Lower total cost of ownership due to fewer replacements and more efficient charging

- No maintenance. No waterfilling, terminal tightening and cleaning of acid deposits on top of batteries

- No emission of toxic and hazardous chemicals. No lead evaporation. No hydrogen during charge

- Less turf compaction due to lower vehicle weight

- 5 year capacity warranty



  Lead Acid 6 x 8V Garia Lithium 
Weight  179 kg / 395 lbs  49 kg / 99 lbs  75% lighter
Life  500 cycles  2000 cycles  400% more cycles
Storage without charging  Max 1 month  Min 12 months  12 times longer
Charge time  8 hours  6 hours  25% faster and more efficient
Typical replacement 3 years  10 years  No replacement in car lifetime